Historic home returning to former glory

DEERFIELD - If walls could talk, there is an old house in Deerfield that could probably spin quite a yarn. The red brick house, located at 1236 S.R. 14 just past the Deerfield Circle, was once home to abolitionist John Brown, and Jesse Gant, father of President Ulysses S. Grant.

Brown and Grant both occupied the old house located just South of Deerfield Circle in 1811. The house was owned by the Brown family and was built around 1805. The home is multi-layer brick construction with 14 inch thick outer walls. The bricks are soft and were most likely made at the site.

The house was constructed, by hand, using a pinion system, where holes were cut into beams, and connected by driving wooden pins into holes.

The 14-inch square main beam of the house was hand hewn from hard wood and the rafters in the attic were hand cut and numbered for assembly on the roof.

There are five fire places in the home; one in the basement, three on the main floor and one on the second floor. The main fireplace is 8 feet wide and 5 feet high and is topped off with an 18-inch-tall stone mantle spanning its length.

Miles and Carolyn Felmly purchased the home in 1995 and began the labor intensive job of restoration. The Felmly's sold the house in 1996 to a Corporation formed for the purpose of preserving the home.

An antiques sales business is operated at the property to help fund the preservation of the home.

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