Deerfield Fire Department


Assistant Chief Vaughn Sutcliffe

Assistant Chief Vaughn Sutcliffe joined the Deerfield fire department in February 1986.


He was appointed Captain in May 1993 and Assistant Chief in August 1996 On the business side of the department he served as department secretary in 1995 and Association President in 1989, 90, and 91.


Vaughn is a level 1 firefighter and an EMT-B. He taught CPR as an American Heart Association Instructor.


Vaughn Sutcliffe comes from a family very active in the local fire department. Vaughn’s father Robert Sutcliffe  was an original firefighter member of the department joining in January of 1949. Vaughn’s mother was one of the original auxiliary “Sirenetts” members who assisted with food and beverage at the scene of major emergencies and participated in fund raising activities for benefit of the department. Vaughn’s mother was also “the voice” of the emergency volunteer dispatch system for many years as she was usually first to answer the bank of phones in 10 different locations and dispatch the department by radio pagers. Vaughn’s fathers uncle Raymond Sutcliffe served as Chief of the department on two separate terms totaling 14 years in the 1950’s and 1960’s. In addition Vaughn had brothers and cousins belonging to the department in the 1960’s and 70’s.


In addition to being a top responder Vaughn organizes and operates most fire drills of the department.