Deerfield Fire Department


Chief Brian Allison

Chief  Brian Allison joined the Deerfield fire department in August 1997.


He previously served as Captain since 2010 and Lieutenant the previous 5 years before Captain. On the business side of the department he served as department President since 2002.


Brian is a Level 120 firefighter and an EMT-I.


Brian's family very active in the local fire department. His grand-fatherEd Balogh was an early member of the department serving from February 1951 until May 1978. Brian's grand-mother Minnie Balogh was a Auxiliary Sirenetts member who assisted with food and beverage at the scene of major emergencies and participated in fund raising activities for benefit of the department and was also a long time fire phone dispatcher. Brian's father Dave Allison has served since 1978 and been a top responder almost every year of membership along with holding offices on the social and emergency operations areas of the Department. Dave is currently Assistant Chief Engineer. Brian's mother Diane is currently a member of the Sirenetts and served as President of that organization for several years along with being a fire phone dispatcher. Brian's sister Melissa are also current members of the fire department.serving as a Firefighter EMT-I


Brian has been awarder top responder honors for many years and is also a member of neighboring Berlin Township Fire Department where he serves as Assistant Chief.